Monday, February 18, 2013

How do you create a business – Is online video marketing one of the best marketing tools?

How do you create a business asks, “Is online video marketing one of the best marketing tools?” Again this depends on your target market but the answer is yes. Everyone knows visual sells. Think about those cute “kitten” videos. They go viral in minutes – not that baby animals aren’t adorable but seriously how many cute kitten videos can you see? Well according to Google - About 6,700,000 on the Web & About 455,000,000 videos exist on various video sites…
That’s nothing to MEOW at.
So while you may not have a cute kitten video you can still get in on some of that “visual traffic getting” action. Just remember these few tips:
  • Know your audience – This helps with how you deliver your message to them.
  • Know your message – So decide on what you want to say to your audience.
  • Deliver good content – Show them something helpful and that can solve a problem
  • Make it entertaining – Even if you have to put on a graduation cap or a dunce cap if it makes you memorable you’ve won most of the battle.
  • Keep is Short & Simple – KISS it. Don’t overwhelm your audience with information. Just tease them a little with a quick answer.
The best part about using video is that it’s really easy to create. You can shoot quick tips with your phone and load it to your Facebook account while having lunch. You don’t need a big production company to get the job done.
And with literally thousands of social media sites and most support videos, for free, you can have multiple streams of media with your brand on it going at once and that’s great for you. It’s also a great answer for how do you create a business?
See you soon.
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