Thursday, February 7, 2013

Marketing Strategies for Small Business – Which are the best online?

How do you create a business today must deal with the problem of marketing. Marketing strategies for smallbusiness vary and it’s hard to tell which are best online. Most head for social media marketing but in order to make it work for your small business you must understand its past.

You see network marketing is an industry with a long history. It has started back in the 50s and has evolved greatly over the past 60 years. The most important thing to remember is that any marketing must speak to the consumers of that time. What worked for our grandparents or parents may not work today.

Why is that so?

In the 50s only the wealthy had TVs so using TV commercials only appealed to certain group of people. Most still read magazines and newspapers – so that’s where a business owner advertised. In the 60s middle class discovered credit cards and then they owned TVs going from BW to Color – so marketing focused on TV commercials and that was the way it was done all the way through the 70s. 
In the 80s, the Internet was still a government owned toy so people advertised using direct mail, leaving flyers on cars, and wrote letters (yes they actually did know how to put a pen on paper and write a letter and used the post office). They also made phone calls. Telemarketing became the next phase of advertising and went on annoying people into the 90s. These people would be on the phone all day to solicit new customers for their businesses. 

Then the Internet was opened up for all to use and now people’s attention spans dropped because they get distracted by flashy websites or crazy advertizing in the mainstream media. Enter the Web 2.0 era where people use Facebook and Twitter to stop having physical contact with one another and constantly show images as a way to market. 

One of the ways people connect with their downlines nowadays is to use blogs and start Facebook communities. It is very easy to start a Facebook community and it is free. There are also free blog platforms and self-hosted blog platforms (like Blogger, Tumblr and Wordpress) that you can use to build a community.

Sales letters are used to present your opportunities. This is used in the 21st century as a way to approach others regarding your business opportunity without worrying about rejection. Lead capturing pages are good ways to automate your list building process (the new term for your alleged customers is “a list”). All you need to do is to send your leads there over and over again and you can rinse and repeat!

The point is you must learn to adapt to what works and not stick to the old ways that do not work anymore. 

If you are still using a cassette player (yes they still make them) ask yourself if your child knows what one is; or an 8-track; or a reel to reel player. If this is still where your thinking is, marketing for you today is going to be brutal if not suicidal…These are some of the marketing strategies for small business.

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